Make New Friends over Food and Drink.

Discover a variety of 'social dining' tables in popular restaurants, lounges and bars in your city. Drink. Dine. Meet new and interesting people.

When Was the Last Time You Got Together With Friends?

Re-discover old pals. Bring back those fun times together. Hosting dinner meetings or even a night on the town with friends has never been this easy.

Good Company. The Secret Ingredient in Any Memorable Dinner.

Even an ordinary dinner can become an extraordinary one with fun people around. What better place to make new friends than over food and drinks?

Host the Perfect Dinner. Without Making a Single Call.

Getting together for drinks and dinner should not be this difficult. Be the perfect host without any of the hard work. We will even make reservations for you.

Social Networking. Redefined.

Social Networking. Redefined.

Looking to expand your social circle, find people who share your interests, or just eat and drink in the company of fun people? Palatable lets you build social networks that translate into real-life, meaningful experiences. You will find tables for singles, tables for foodies, tables for a girls night out and even tables for business networking. There is a table here that is just right for you.

Food & Friends. Simplified.

Food & Friends. Simplified.

When was the last time you got together with your friends? Are busy schedules and hectic work lives making those fun dinners with friends seem like a distant dream? Try Palatable. Get together for an evening of food and drinks. Let Palatable take care of the hard work in getting this done. We will even make reservations at the restaurant you choose. All you have to do is arrive and have fun!

Palatable. Putting the Social into Social Networking.

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